This blog is good….er, propitious

Nearly every summer day I drive by our neighborhood elementary school on my way to and from various errands.  Each time I have to fight the urge to climb out of my car, stalk up to the marquee, and rearrange letters.

Have a safe and fun summer.”

is the message on the marquee.

My contention with this sign is that both adjectives used are boring and bland.  In IEW, we called those kinds of words “banned words” and did not let our students use them.  Other banned adjectives were: bad, ugly, sad, mad, and so on.  If I had a student at this school, I would call the principal and ask her to let me change the sign to something more inspiring…and educational!

I can think of nothing better than to have a school marquee that actually encourages kids — and their parents — to dust off their dictionaries!

I seriously considered sneaking out at midnight and rearranging the letters, but my wise husband pointed out that I would be trespassing and technically committing vandalism.  Since I don’t relish the thought of spending my time behind bars, I decided to do the next best thing: re-write the sign here on my blog and hope those out there who have legal access to school marquees will listen.

Here are my suggestions.  Feel free to leave your own in the comments!  The more obscure, the better, I think.  A sign should grab and hold attention…

Summer is evanescent. Use it wisely.

Summer is here — regalement awaits!

Hope your canicular days are cheerily coruscating!


I look forward to reading your propitious suggestions!

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