Diggin’ for Water

Water — no one disputes the truth that water is essential for life.  Without it, our rivers and wells run dry.  Livestock, other animals, and crops perish during times of devastating drought. A human can only live a few days without it.  Even as I write these words, people are dying in many parts of this world because their waters have run dry. Yet there is another place beyond this living world that we can see and touch that requires another kind of water. Jesus spoke of this kind of mysterious water when he encountered a woman at a well. … Continue reading Diggin’ for Water


Yesterday my daughter and I got caught in one of those weird, Texas-style, torrential thunderstorms.  The skies opened just as we left the grocery store.  By the time I got her in the car and the groceries in the trunk, I was soaked to the bone.  I even had water dripping down my nose and into my ears.  The only thing I could do was laugh.  It’s a good thing we were going straight home from there! Now that I’m warm and dry, I’ve started thinking about what it means to be drenched.  What, exactly, am I drenched in?  Yesterday … Continue reading Drenched