The girl has a brain!

Today I plumb near vibrated the fillings out of my teeth.  Well, technically I was not the one doing the vibrating, but since I was stuck in the middle of an MRI tunnel and IT vibrated, I jiggled along for the ride. When my brother, who is deaf and wears hearing aids, told me that HE could hear the noise of an MRI when he last had one, I knew the sucker had to be extremely loud.  I also knew it would be a tight fit.  What I didn’t reckon on was the intense vibration.  Or the itch I got … Continue reading The girl has a brain!

Glad to be on the winning team

Thankfully I did not grow another eyeball, lose any appendages, or experience sudden death today after taking the first dose of that dreaded antibiotic.  Unfortunately, I have experienced enough signs and symptoms that I know I am reacting and am not just panicking: -hearing changes.  I haven’t exactly lost my hearing, but this evening suddenly everything got muffled.  I’m hearing a strange phantom ringing sound in my right ear that drives me crazy if I don’t distract myself with something else…like writing.  Except I just wrote about it and now am thinking about it again! -vision changes.  I made my … Continue reading Glad to be on the winning team

Throwing Stones at Goliath

Last year I passed up on a trip to London because a Goliath-sized airplane stood in my way.  My husband ended up taking his mom and my daughter while I stayed home and wallowed in self disgust…until a dear friend reminded me that God is my Maker.  He created me and knows every single thing about me.  He knows what a panic-inducing eight hour flight would have done to me, and he provided a way for my daughter to enjoy the trip without me (thank you, MIL!) Tomorrow I will face a two hour Goliath plane ride to sunny Florida.  … Continue reading Throwing Stones at Goliath