Funky Style

Snip. Snip. That’s the sound of my apron strings being severed, one at a time. Today my almost-fourteen-year-old-going-on-thirty-four girl child had an appointment to get her hair trimmed.  Her first day of Classical Conversations is Monday, and I figured it would be nice to get those curls evened out.  We talked about styles on the way to the hairdresser, and I distinctly remembering advising her to keep it at the same length..but perhaps vary the style…add some long bangs, frame the face, etc.  However, I told her, “It’s your hair and your head!  You can make your own decisions.” After … Continue reading Funky Style

Fixing My Eyes

This morning in church after worship, the pastor exhorted us with a phrase from Hebrews 12 I’ve heard so often that it usually skims over my head and drips down to the floor without me even noticing.  But today I heard these words with clarity and what felt like a bolt of lightning piercing my awareness: “Let us fix our eyes on Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith…” The Author of My Faith. The faith that I have in the Lord was written by Jesus.  That’s what an author does.  He holds the pen…my faith life is the … Continue reading Fixing My Eyes

The Homeschooling Hobos

Pondering the word “journey” brings an image to my mind of a hobo boy dressed in patched clothing, carrying his only belongings in a homemade sack tied to a stick.  He whistles as his feet scuffle the dusty road. Along the way he stops to examine a ladybug determined to stand her ground against a very rude ant. This little boy is not heading in any particular direction or to any specific destination.  Instead, his goal is to LIVE, to survive, to embrace all that life has to offer, whatever that may be, trusting that the Lord will provide for … Continue reading The Homeschooling Hobos

Mouth, Be Still!

There have been a few times in my life when the Lord painted a bright red sign telling me I was headed in the wrong direction. Through circumstances, the specific answers to my prayers were vivid and unmistakable. In my early college days, I prayed and agonized over whether a certain boy was “THE” one for me.  I remember asking Him to knock me upside the head if necessary.  He did. Pow!  Not only did he show me that the boy was wrong, but once I was on the right track again, He pointed me to Mr. Right! When my … Continue reading Mouth, Be Still!