Kennel Cough Is The Pits

  Tracheobronchitis is the name for kennel cough, and it is the reason my doggy girl is feeling poorly.  Her heart sounds great, thankfully.  She “performed” very well at the vet, coughing loudly from the moment we entered until they quickly ushered us into a private room so as to limit the spread.  Now she will be the most pampered pet in the world.  My husband went out today and bought her a brand new bed, new toys, and bigger food and water bowls.  She’ll need them…at 49 pounds and growing, her puppy bowls are no longer adequate. She will … Continue reading Kennel Cough Is The Pits

Echoes of Marley?

One of my favorite books of all time is Marley and Me by Josh Grogan. When I read it the first time I had two dogs of my own who filled my life with funny escapades…a Dalmatian and a Havaton. I wept heart-wrenching tears at all the touching moments of Marley’s life, and I laughed until I cried visualizing the antics described in Grogan’s chronicle.  I was even inspired to write my own tribute to my Dalmatian Shiner.  I thought I knew what it was like to have a dog like Marley. But I was wrong. Now…I have my own … Continue reading Echoes of Marley?

Puppy Love

Oh, Bella… O, the joys of parenting puppyhood!  Cute as she is, she is still a baby and needs lots of love and attention.  Messes are mandatory.  Middle of the night nature calls are, too. Last night was a milestone for us, though, in that she lasted six HOURS in her crate! I would have done the happy dance outside when she did her tinkle thing, but I was distracted by a rustling in the flower beds.  Something got spooked by our 6am intrusion.  Let’s hope it was a benign something and not a scary something like a coyote, bobcat, … Continue reading Puppy Love