Kennel Cough Is The Pits


Tracheobronchitis is the name for kennel cough, and it is the reason my doggy girl is feeling poorly.  Her heart sounds great, thankfully.  She “performed” very well at the vet, coughing loudly from the moment we entered until they quickly ushered us into a private room so as to limit the spread.  Now she will be the most pampered pet in the world.  My husband went out today and bought her a brand new bed, new toys, and bigger food and water bowls.  She’ll need them…at 49 pounds and growing, her puppy bowls are no longer adequate.

She will be taking six pills a day for ten days in order to prevent the bug from moving into pneumonia.

I’m ready for her to get back to her crazy, dogzilla self. I’ve never seen her looking so pitiful as she does today.

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