Worry Wart

Rainbows are wonderful to ponder.  Their colors are vibrant, and they whisper a promise from the Father that bad times do get better.  This, too, shall pass.

It’s the passing part that has me feeling like a worry wart.

My baby dog Bella is very sick, and I don’t want her to pass, not now, not when she’s only six months old!  While we cavorted in the Outer Banks, she lost weight at the kennel.  Now she is coughing up mucus.  Every time she moves, she coughs, and it’s getting worse.  At the back of my mind, I’ve wondered about her puppy heart.  She has never had the stamina that I expected a lab to have — certainly she did not have the stamina of our old Dalmatian who would chase balls all day long.  Bella will chase after a ball two or three times and then will collapse to the ground, panting.  She coughs when she runs hard.  Now she’s coughing all the time and won’t run at all.

It’s possible that she has a simple case of kennel cough even though she’s been vaccinated.  But it’s also possible that there is something wrong with her heart.

If so, that will just break mine.

But I’m trying not to borrow trouble.  Until I know what ails her, I’ll just do what I can to keep her calm and resting.

Update to come later…

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