Kennel Cough Is The Pits

  Tracheobronchitis is the name for kennel cough, and it is the reason my doggy girl is feeling poorly.  Her heart sounds great, thankfully.  She “performed” very well at the vet, coughing loudly from the moment we entered until they quickly ushered us into a private room so as to limit the spread.  Now she will be the most pampered pet in the world.  My husband went out today and bought her a brand new bed, new toys, and bigger food and water bowls.  She’ll need them…at 49 pounds and growing, her puppy bowls are no longer adequate. She will … Continue reading Kennel Cough Is The Pits

Thirteen Little Things

Just a few random thoughts tonight that I thought I’d share with you lovely readers. I have the music to the Seussical Jr. musical running through my head due to the fact that my daughter’s auditions are in two days.  If I belt out “A-mazing Mazie” or “The Thinks You Can Think,” please insert ear plugs and give me a little grace.  I can’t help it.  Those songs are just too cute! And addicting. My memory card/computer/camera/virus/dog ate my photography class homework.  I was thrilled to start shooting photos today as part of my homework.  I set those f-stops and … Continue reading Thirteen Little Things

The Bunny Hunter

    Every afternoon around 4pm, my dog transforms from a cuddly lapdog to a determined hunter.  Her quarry?  Bunnies.  The mere mention of the phrase, “Is there a bunny?” fills her with such excitement that all previous thoughts of belly rubs, bacon, or peanut butter treats are abandoned.   Bunnies are the reason she exists.  No matter that the wild herbivores are almost as big as she is or that they probably weigh more than she weighs.  They are Worthy of being stalked, chased, and routed out of the flower beds, even if it takes her all day.  Or … Continue reading The Bunny Hunter

My inspiration

These are my girls.  Aren’t they beautiful?  My daughter is growing so quickly that even though this photo was taken this past summer, she’s already changed and is taller and leaner — even her face is looking more grown up.  My Canine daughter, however, looks just the same as always.  Too cute to ignore.  When she turns those puppy dog eyes on me, I give her anything she wants.  Bacon.  Kix.  Bacon.  A belly rub.  But no puppy kisses.  Bleh.  I can’t stand those. If you follow me on Facebook or Twitter or read me frequently on this blog, you … Continue reading My inspiration

A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II

As I write this, my sweet “firstborn” is curled up at my feet.  The dog.  Not the daughter! My old Dalmatian is getting older every day, it seems.  His best love, other than food, of course, has been chasing balls.  Especially tennis balls.  Even today he gets so excited his wobbly body wiggles all over when we bring home a sleeve of new tennis balls.  His ears and eyes might not work so great anymore, but there’s nothing wrong with his smeller!  A police officer friend who trained canines told us once that our dog would be a natural police … Continue reading A Girl’s Best Friends, Part II