Changing the face in the mirror

  This post is a shout out to all the Helicopter Mommas out there in Homeschool Land.  In this world of seat belts, knee pads, bicycle helmets, cell phone tracking, car alarms and baby monitors, we Mammas prize safety (i.e., control) above many other ideals as we rear our children. Or at least I do, control FREAK that I am. My “little” girl is bigger than me, smarter than me, and (obviously) possesses much more strength and agility than I do, what with her being young and me being, well, not-so-young.  Yet in my heart, I still see this:   … Continue reading Changing the face in the mirror

Keep the Prayers Coming, Please

Today is my last “normal” day.  Tomorrow I have to stick to a clear liquid diet.  Oh joy.  I can’t wait.  Especially since my aching stomach just LOVES being empty with a bunch of liquid on it. I have to admit, I’m feeling my peace crumble just a bit.  This would be a really nice time for Jesus to come back!  My phobia of nausea is still niggling in my mind, especially now that I learned I have to stick to clear fluids and 3 Miralax treatments.  I wish I were a nurse practitioner so I could prescribe myself a … Continue reading Keep the Prayers Coming, Please

Dealing With “Deadgetation”

I admit it.  I have a brown thumb.  But I promise I didn’t cause this travesty. I didn’t do it! The only times I’ve even crossed the threshold into the back yard have been to let the dog out.  (She didn’t do it, either.  She’s not tall enough!) I don’t have far to look, though, to see the culprit in this dastardly episode of deadgetation: It’s August in Texas.  We know it’s going to be hot.  We’re used to gingerly lowering ourselves on the steaming surface of the seats in the car. We know how to run errands in the … Continue reading Dealing With “Deadgetation”

Throwing Stones at Goliath

Last year I passed up on a trip to London because a Goliath-sized airplane stood in my way.  My husband ended up taking his mom and my daughter while I stayed home and wallowed in self disgust…until a dear friend reminded me that God is my Maker.  He created me and knows every single thing about me.  He knows what a panic-inducing eight hour flight would have done to me, and he provided a way for my daughter to enjoy the trip without me (thank you, MIL!) Tomorrow I will face a two hour Goliath plane ride to sunny Florida.  … Continue reading Throwing Stones at Goliath