Walking the Walk

I’m very tired today after spending it all day out of the house for our first homeschool co-op of the year, so I will make this post short. Regarding Palin’s teenage daughter being pregnant and planning a wedding… Kudos to the family for walking the walk.  Being true to the pro-life cause means standing up for life even if means totally altering your life.  God created the universe to have natural consequences.  When animals mate, babies are made.  It’s natural.  It’s what happens. Then man comes along these past fifty years and encourages teens to put off marriage until after … Continue reading Walking the Walk

Finally, Some Common Sense!

Throughout this long, drawn-out political process, I have been amazed at the lack of sincerity on the parts of the candidates.  If John McCain had picked Mitt Romney to run as his VP, I would have voted for Bob Barr.  (Who’s he?  The Libertarian candidate).  It had absolutely nothing to do with his Mormon religion and everything to do with his demeanor and his past actions as Governor. John McCain just threw a monkey wrench in the Obama campaign’s momentum with his selection today of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his VP pick. It was almost comical to watch the … Continue reading Finally, Some Common Sense!