Finally, Some Common Sense!

Throughout this long, drawn-out political process, I have been amazed at the lack of sincerity on the parts of the candidates.  If John McCain had picked Mitt Romney to run as his VP, I would have voted for Bob Barr.  (Who’s he?  The Libertarian candidate).  It had absolutely nothing to do with his Mormon religion and everything to do with his demeanor and his past actions as Governor.

John McCain just threw a monkey wrench in the Obama campaign’s momentum with his selection today of Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin as his VP pick. It was almost comical to watch the political reporters’ reactions. As a voting woman and as a mother, I can relate to Governor Palin in ways that I can’t relate to Senator Biden or Obama.

Her pro-life stance is unapologetic.  She’s a member of Feminists for Life, an organization which insists that women deserve better than abortion.  Its tagline is: Refuse to Choose.  She herself faced a decision with her recent pregnancy; she learned while she was still pregnant that her son had Down’s Syndrome.  She and her family have embraced that baby whole-heartedly — proof that she values all life.

Many Democrats will go on the attack because of her stance on life, but she will stand firm.  She is right.  And I will stand behind her.

I found it so interesting that during her acceptance speech today, the crowd often chanted

U – S -A

over and over.  The sign on the podium read “Country First.”

For the first time, I can envision real reform in Washington. I know for a fact that women know how to clean house!  If any place needs a washin, it’s Washington, D.C.  Governor Palin has already cleaned house in Alaska…now on to Washington!

Democrats and the left need to understand that mainstream conservative Republicans are NOT happy with the status quo.  We want change, too, for all Americans.  We want to knock some sense into our legislators and cause some real reform to happen.  Many of us are not happy with the direction George Bush’s presidency has taken our country, but that does not mean we suddenly stop being conservative and start being liberal in our thinking.

What would be my “dream platform?”

  • Energy independence in ten years
  • Appointing conservative judges who do not legislate from the bench
  • Stopping wasteful spending
  • Throwing out the IRS and income taxes and moving to a consumption tax
  • More choices in education
  • Promoting personal responsibility

It’s a start!

McCain/Palin ’08

9 thoughts on “Finally, Some Common Sense!

  1. Lower the qualification bar? Excuse me, but a mother of 5 who also manages to be the top executive of the largest state (geographically) in the union is not exactly lowering the bar of qualifications. An outsider who will challenge what she termed “the good old boy network” is EXACTLY what is needed.

    As far as I am concerned, there is no gender card per se. As my husband said, this is checkmate to the Obama campaign. Political campaigns are all about strategizing. If McCain had picked a candidate of a different race, there would be those out there who would insist he did so only to play the “race card.”

    If Palin was a father of five and had the same record and experience, I still would be extremely pleased with the choice. The fact that she is a woman is icing on the cake, not the cake itself.

  2. First, may I introduce myself? I hate popping onto a blog for the first time and putting my two cents in without first saying hello! My name is Missy, I’m also a homeschooling mom of one child, and it’s very nice to ‘meet’ you.

    Now for my comment! I am SO thrilled at the VP pick of Palin. Honestly, with the buzz I’d been hearing of possible choices (Tom Ridge–pro-abortion, Lieberman–basically a democrat, ect.) I was preparing to perhaps not vote at all. It made me so very sad!

    Today, I am excited and energized about the election. It just ‘feels’ better in my gut now, as odd as that may sound. I know there is a slight experience issue, but given Obama’s same experience issue (and the fact that his elected position isn’t an ‘executive’ one, unlike hers) I don’t think it’ll effect the election as much as democrats hope it will.

    I, for one, think it was an EXCELLENT and INSPIRED choice! Not because she is a woman, but because she stands for what I stand for and doesn’t back down when some, if not most, politicians would.

    Sorry for the length of my post—I do that sometimes! Oh, and I am adding you to my daily reads…we seem to have some things in common!

  3. Yes lowering the bar. There were many, many women more qualified who are currently top excutives and or in congress if Mc Cain wanted to play politics as it appears you do. However I don’t play games. Anyone who possibly could be one heartbeat away from running the country needs to have just a tiny bit more experience say in foreign affairs where we currently are in a war. But instead the slimy politician Mc Cain of the keating five fame who dumped his first wife, who was nearly crippled, for his second wife has played the gender card.

    Now it appears thats okay for you but not for me. You excuse away his decision saying campaigns are about stragteging then strategize this :30 % of Mc Cains base are conservative, he is attempting to pick up possibly 15% of the ladies that love Hillary, do the math. He now alienates his base.

    Regarding the worn out political term “Old boys network” this was a term coined by radical liberal feminists who wished to leap ahead of more qualified males simply because they are women. Real nice.

  4. Jim,
    I have been the direct “victim” of the “Old Boy’s Club” in my professional career. In my lifetime, women have begun breaking past many barriers. We’ve come a very long way even in the past thirty years. My mother was asked to place her elbows against the wall when she applied for a secretary’s job. The two men interviewing her laughed and joked about the size of portions of her anatomy. It had nothing to do with her wanting to “get ahead” of more qualified males. It had to do with very dirty-minded men engaging in very inappropriate behavior in a supposedly professional environment and with them denying jobs to women whose outward appearance was not gratifying. It also had to do with a ‘good old boy’ boss who touched me so inappropriately on my second day of work that I feared for my safety and quit. So much for getting ahead of a more qualified man.

    I do not judge you, Jim. I see that you are extremely unhappy with the current choices for president. I don’t blame you for that. I think our current method of stretched out primaries and the two party only system stinks. But it is the way it is, for now.

    As far as Palin’s foreign policy qualifications go, I WANT an outsider. We’ve got to shake things up somehow. The woman has a child going over to serve in Iraq — I do believe she will educate herself sufficiently to make very reasoned decisions, should it come to her to do so, as would Senator Biden, who also has a child over there. My point is that we have continued to elect the same “mold” of a person over and over in this country, and I hold them all, as well as those of us who voted for them, responsible for the huge budget deficit, the fall of the dollar, the fact that we import more than we export, etc. Congress and the Senate bear just as much responsibility as the President does, if not more so. They can’t seem to get results. As President of the Senate, I do believe Palin will not stand for endless inaction. She’s all about results, as am I.

    Look no further than our current Vice President. He had a huge amount of foreign policy experience…but our country still suffered a horrible terroristic attack and has been unable to find the mastermind.

    A Washington insider has already learned to think in certain ways, ways that might be detrimental to our country. I like Palin because she is an outsider and is not afraid to use unconventional means to get a job done. She has gone head to head with the Republican Party leadership in Alaska! I love that because like you, I see the GOP is on losing ground due to same/old same/old, backroom politics…the same politics that shunned Huckabee despite his impressive record as Governor.

    As governor, Palin has had a tremendous amount of executive experience. For that matter, as a mom of 5 she’s had a lot of executive experience!

    It’s my understanding that our government is “of the people, by the people, for the people.” To insist that our presidents and other governmental leaders be educated to a certain level or to be from a certain class of people is to deny the office to the people and give it only to the select few. Did George Washington have foreign policy experience? When Thomas Jefferson sent James Monroe and Robert Livingston to France with the offer to buy New Orleans from the French with a price tag up to $10 million, they were in way over their heads. They had no cell phone to call back and check to see what the President thought about a total of 15 million dollars for all of Louisiana and a cancellation of debt, making the total worth 23 million…a lot of money now, but a huge fortune then! They had to make a decision, then and there.

    The huge amount of money we had to pay and the whole treaty made quite a lot of people angry with Jefferson when the treaty was announced. Jefferson was a strict constitutionalist, and many felt he was being hypocritical because the constitution did not give him powers to negotiate something like that. Yet it was the right decision. Look at us now. This foreign policy decision doubled the size of the United States.

    God uses the most unlikely people to achieve the most amazing things. Palin, a mother of 5, is definitely unlikely. But please don’t count her — or God — out.

    You’ve written that you are a Christian. Do you believe that the Lord causes all things to happen? That means that He has permitted the nomination of McCain and Palin and Obama and Biden, whether we like it or not. If I was ruling the world, I would have made Huckabee the Republican nominee. But I’m not the ruler…my God is. McCain’s selection of Palin, who is a very strong pro-life unapologetic Christian, when he could have chosen a number of other more qualified abortion-rights activists to round out his ticket, shows me that the Lord hasn’t given up on our country yet. He himself turns the hearts of the kings…even McCain’s heart.

    I know all about McCain-Feingold — I blogged about it early on in the primary season. I know about the way he’s flipped on things and how he abandoned his first wife, the one who waited for him while he was a POW. These were all reasons why I was reluctant to support him.

    But as I wrote earlier, I am now enthusiastic because Palin breathes life into the campaign. I have looked at her efforts to get results….and I’m pleased.

    She is an excellent leader.

  5. Well we all come from different experiences in life.

    I am sorry you and your mother experienced the vile acts these slimball men did.

    I on the other hand experienced a very difference reverse discrimination being passed over for a much lesser qualified female black. So I am personally and painfully aware of what happens when affirmative action creeps into the mix.

    I worked LAPD for years and when your working high risk assignments you don’t need incompetent people jeopardizing your safety or others simply to be sylish/politically correct.

    Palin is a danger. She could one day be thrust into the presidency. A frightening thought.

    Yes I am a Christian. However since you are, you must be aware satan rules this world and God allows things to occur even violence and injustice for His purpose.

    However assuming He/God is allowing Mc Cain/Pailin their current status for good, maybe a quantum leap on your part.

    Couldn’t you say He allowed Clinton into office as well?

    George Washington had alot of foreign experience. He was in the British military and fought in the french and indian war. He knew Great Britons mind set. Although he was a terrible war tactician.

    Actually Jefferson wasn’t so much a federalist /constitutionalist as you may believe. It was he and Alexander Hamilton, who was killed in a duel with Aaron Burr at age 39, who fought publicly over which way the government should go. It was their public fights which torn the country into the two major parties they current are.

    Jefferson believed we should adhere more to the articles of confederation and allow the states to maintain power with little federal interference.

    Jefferson was also brought up on charges by the Virginia legislature for abandoning his state during the war of 1812 when the British were attacking. Jefferson was never in the war but a pure politician.

    Napoleon was already searching out the U.S to purchase that huge amount of land called the Louisiana purchase. He did this because France was already at war and needed cash.

    Napoleon also knew the huge amount of people immigrating to the U.S would eventually overwhelm the land he owned. Point of fact: The Lousiana purchase was a done deal before Jefferson sent his ambassadors. It was simply a matter of how much.

    Hamilton on the other hand was a warrior as Washington’s camp de aide and colonel in the colonial army.

    Hamilton wanted further encroachment by the federal government in many walks of life including banking when he authorized the first bank of the U.S

    Jefferson was never here when the constitution was written. He was in france as an ambassador.

    Had John Adams not assigned him the position of writing the declaration of independence, which was edited several times by Adams, Jefferson would not of had the notoriety he did.

    Our country suffered the huge attack it did not because of Chaney, who by the way believes his daughter being a lesbian and having a so called baby, is okay! sickening.

    Our country suffered 911 because Bush never took his oath serious enough and allowed, as clinton did, Infiltration by radical islamic groups into this country. The idiot is still allowing it after 911!!!! He sucks up to the Saudi oil influence way too much.

    I highly suggest a book entitled Infiltration” by Paul Sperry . This will really frighten you about Bush . The book was written by a republican writer.

    At least Cheney recognizes the fact we need to hit Iran.

    Regarding Huckabee I didn’t like the guy since he allowed a mexican embassy into arkansas and the taxpayers flipped the bill . He wanted illegals who obtained fraudulent I.D cards, called matricular cards to work at Tyson Chicken. He also wanted and pushed for free out of state tuition for illegals but not for american college kids.

    Huckabee is also Chrisitan light. He fought an internal struggle for the liberal wing of the baptists to remain in power when they were ousted by the conservative faction

    I suppose you know about Mc Cain /Kennedy as well and the keating five corruption scandal.

    Palin continues discussing breaking the glass ceiling. More ad nauseam political correctness. This is a major red flag.

    I also believe this country will suffer for all the abortions, homosexuality and deviancy they allow. This would include Bush allowing that freak Elton John to stay in the lincoln bedroom with his male lover.

    Speaking of horrible discernment, how about Laura and Jenna Bush apperaing on Ellen the degenrates show. Those Bushes are real class acts….

    I never count God out nor do I count Palin out. She is simply not the best choice.

    The republicans have simply undermined their platform further by going deep into the political gutter mirroring the democrats. However this comes as no surprise. It is Mc Cain who initiated the choice.

  6. Touche. You have lots of great points. I’ll have to find the book by Sperry.

    Huckabee was still the best of the bunch. Much of what you wrote is what the liberal media tried to pass off as truth but was only half-truth, as is usually the case. The “free out of state tuition” was a proposal he supported that would have allowed kids who had been in Arkansas schools since Kindergarten to receive in-state tuition RATES, not a free ride. He recognized that it wasn’t the kids’ fault their parents were here illegally.

    You know, I am all for securing our border and cleaning up the mess. But I also am mindful that in the overall scheme of things, I am an immigrant…an adopted child of God. I’m a foreigner to the world, yet God accepts me and loves me. We’ve got to get our country to the point where existing laws are either enforced or thrown out in favor of better ones. When I taught school, if I had a rule that I let the kids constantly break, of course they would have taken advantage of that. It’s the same with our border.

    There is a huge segment of the country idolizing Obama…the Greek columns, huge crowds, etc. It frightens me.

    So who will you vote for?

  7. Thank you for your compliment.

    Who will I vote for? I will probably do what I have done in the past, write in a candidate. Many people say I am throwing away my vote. However I say we all answer to God in our decisions while we are here. I wouldn’t wish to say I helped elect someone who further endangered our country. Besides voting for the lesser of two evils is still voting for evil.

    Yes you are so correct Obama is one frightening radical Muslim pretending he is a Christian. The people worshipping him remind me of the people during Moses time worshipping the golden calf. It is hypnotic psychosis and very chilling.

    I call it white liberal guilt caught up in the multicultural cult. A lethal cocktail.

    You are correct about the law regarding illegals. The laws should be enforced. Only recently with the grassroots political activist groups applying pressure to the government are we beginning to see actual enforcement.

    Illegals including MS1-3 violent gangs are victimizing U.S citizens by the thousands including the triple homicide a few weeks ago in S.F.

    You are correct you and me both are not of this world. However God has placed us here to be the salt and light of the world.

    The illegals are here to damage, destroy, undermine, and overburden our health care system our education system and our way of life.

    90% of the felony fugitive homicide warrants in L.A comprise illegals. One third of U.S federal prisons are illegals.

    So our reason for being here is diametrically opposed to the evil reason the illegals are here.

    You will enjoy the Paul Sperry book. You can obtain it on Amazon.

    I have been very impressed with your knowledge of
    American history as well as your passion in the political arena.

    Please continue to write. I enjoy our conversations.

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