The Ivory Soap Campaign

When my brother and I were kids with smart mouths that sometimes said words kids (and adults!) have no business saying, our parents brought out the Ivory soap and gave us an appreciation of the value in telling the truth. I’m here to tell you today that we need a big old bar of Ivory soap to wash out the filth pouring out of politicians’ mouths these days. (Fair warning to McCain supporters — this blog is not a partisan blog today. I’ve been doing some checking, and angry is too mild a word to describe the way I’m feeling … Continue reading The Ivory Soap Campaign

Palin vs. Corruption

How about that Palin?  Though you won’t see it on CNN’s website, she drew a crowd of 60,000 to a small retirement community north of Orlando this weekend.  That’s a six with four zeros behind it.  Didn’t Obama draw 85,000 when he accepted the nomination in front of a pseudo-Greek temple?  Read the article here. We have a close friend who is an Obama supporter.  He has met Obama a few times and supports him mainly because he is different.  He is most definitely not “more of the same” we have seen in Washington over the last fifty years or … Continue reading Palin vs. Corruption

Religious Ignorance

The mainstream media has a bias against anything and everything related to the Christian or Jewish religions. These media pundits grew up and were schooled in a time when the Bible was taken out of public classrooms, so it is not surprising that they now have an anti-God, anti-Christian mindset. It stands to reason that someone who grows up without much religious instruction would then believe anything bad enough to be taken out of schools must be inherently bad or somehow evil. The sad part is that much of our American history is rooted in religion.  In an effort to … Continue reading Religious Ignorance

Jesus…a community organizer?

Representative Steve Cohen of Tennessee today compared Obama to Jesus and Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate. Barack Obama was a community organizer like Jesus…. Pontius Pilate was a governor. Let’s begin this discussion by figuring out what, exactly, is a community organizer, and what did Obama do in that capacity? An entire website devoted to community organizing defines it this way: Community organization is that process by which the people…organize themselves to ‘take charge’ of their situation and thus develop a sense of being a community together. It is a particularly effective tool for the poor and powerless as they … Continue reading Jesus…a community organizer?

Throw Money At The Dragon?

I was interested to read today of Senator Obama’s speech about reforming the fire-breathing dragon educators call the NCLB (No Child Left Behind) act. Obama’s solution is to throw one billion big ones at the problem. In his proposal, this extra money would: Double the federal cash given to charter schools Provide $500 million for technology in matching funds Design merit-pay based plans for teachers Create an ‘innovative schools fund’ which would provide aid to school districts to allow them to close low performing schools and raise the number of successful ones Obama praised the intentions of NCLB but criticized … Continue reading Throw Money At The Dragon?