Bella’s will

On Sunday my husband conquered knee and achilles injuries and ran the race of a lifetime in Rome, Italy.  He finished 26.2 miles in a little under 4:50. I am so proud of him and wish more than anything that I could have been there to welcome him across the finish line.  I heard he had a great celebration afterwards with some authentic, homemade Italian veal and pasta, so maybe he didn’t miss me too much! Especially since I’ve never made him veal — ever — in seventeen years of marriage.  I just have a thing for babies, I guess. … Continue reading Bella’s will

Countdown to the Race!

In a little over three hours, my honey will begin the race of a lifetime in the Roman Marathon. I’m so proud of him!  There never has been any doubt in my mind that he would get this far in his training.  He has endurance and a lot of self discipline.  God put the dream in him and has helped him stick to a training plan. This past week we visited his brother’s gravesite. He always wanted to run a marathon with his brother. Now he will run with him in spirit, beginning and ending the race at the famed … Continue reading Countdown to the Race!