Countdown to the Race!

In a little over three hours, my honey will begin the race of a lifetime in the Roman Marathon. I’m so proud of him!  There never has been any doubt in my mind that he would get this far in his training.  He has endurance and a lot of self discipline.  God put the dream in him and has helped him stick to a training plan.

This past week we visited his brother’s gravesite. He always wanted to run a marathon with his brother. Now he will run with him in spirit, beginning and ending the race at the famed Colosseum, steeped in history.  I can just imagine that his footsteps will be following those of many others who have gone before him. Messengers to the Senate. Gladiators in training. Christians in hiding. Paul in chains.

My only wish is that I could be there to cheer him over the finish line. I’m with him in spirit — and in prayer — too.

Here he is with his friend Nick after enjoying a pasta dinner.  I must red-headed man is looking F-I-N-E!!

Run, Jon, Run!  You’ll always be first across the finish line in my eyes.  I Love you!

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