Countdown to the Race!

In a little over three hours, my honey will begin the race of a lifetime in the Roman Marathon. I’m so proud of him!  There never has been any doubt in my mind that he would get this far in his training.  He has endurance and a lot of self discipline.  God put the dream in him and has helped him stick to a training plan. This past week we visited his brother’s gravesite. He always wanted to run a marathon with his brother. Now he will run with him in spirit, beginning and ending the race at the famed … Continue reading Countdown to the Race!

A Lounge Lizard’s Reality

This is the Lounge Lizard, checking in fifteen days post-hysterectomy.  Don’t I look marvelous?  That surgery was truly transformational! I am doing well.  Still tired and occasionally achey, but rejoicing that I will never again have back labor pain every month.  I’m rejoicing that my chronic back pain is now intermittent, my complexion is great now that my skin isn’t oily anymore, and I finally put on makeup for the first time since my surgery.  Yesterday morning we had our family interview at the university-model school we’d like to enroll our daughter in come January.  It was my second outing … Continue reading A Lounge Lizard’s Reality

Resisting the Fade

Social networking websites are all the rage these days.  It’s apparent from looking at our family Thanksgiving candid photos that I spent way too much time lurking the halls of Facebook. It’s also apparent from recent hardships in my circle of friends that Satan stands ever ready to use any means possible to destroy relationships, including social networking.  Reconnecting with old friends means the potential is there to reconnect with old flames…and consequently, to get burned. So began a true, high-tech “love” triangle between my friend Leslie, her husband Brent, and a man from the past named Les. (Not their … Continue reading Resisting the Fade

Shooting snapshots for my heart

I just realized that the calendar on my wall is still turned to September. In a blink of an eye, everything changes, doesn’t it? Blink. I was ten years old and couldn’t wait to grow up. Blink. I was twenty years old and couldn’t wait to get married. Blink. I was thirty years old and couldn’t wait for my four-year-old to be able to tie her own shoes. Blink. Six years later, I watch and listen as my own nearly-ten-year-old child professes her desire to be all grown up. Today I find myself wandering around in a depressing funk. I … Continue reading Shooting snapshots for my heart