Making it Count

This is the tale of a young man who has shown me what it means to press on towards the goal. His story inspires me, and I pray it will inspire you as well! The tale is about a young man who I will call “Clayton.” Clayton is a speech and debate student I have had the privilege to teach. To just look at him compete, you would think that he is one of those genius naturals who were born for the stage. His exuberance for performance stems from a genuine desire to make a difference, whether it be to bring others laughter or … Continue reading Making it Count

The Palin Effect

Wow.  Wow.  Wow.  After watching Governor Sarah Palin’s speech last night, it was obvious that John McCain has picked not only a woman with exceptional leadership qualities, but also one who possesses a natural gift for oratory, as does her opponent, Barack Obama.  Even the liberal-leaning pundits were taken by surprise with her powerful speech, calling it a “slam dunk.”  Chris Wallace even said that ‘a star was born’ and that Palin has won the hearts of the GOP. But then Obama’s campaign released a statement noting that Palin did not write her own speech…as if that was supposed to … Continue reading The Palin Effect