Who To Vote For?

NOTE: Huckabee won all 18 delegates from West Virginia this afternoon! This blog is intended to be a “cliff’s notes” for those readers who are just now researching the candidates for the upcoming primary election. I have prayed and researched myself and have come to the conclusion that the best candidate, hands down, is Mike Huckabee. Some of you may wonder why I have thrown myself so passionately into the fray in support of someone the media casts as an underdog. I am voting for Mike Huckabee because…. 1. He is the only candidate who supports a human life amendment … Continue reading Who To Vote For?

Against All Odds: Can Huck win Super Tuesday?

Many things in life happen against all odds. Last night’s surprise ending to the Super Bowl, for one. I’ve written a lot about the underdog and how the Lord often uses those least suited, in our eyes, anyway, to accomplish His goals. One such underdog was David, who not only defeated Goliath but was also an accomplished writer. Reading the Psalms is like looking into the soul of a man who, though flawed, sought to please God in everything he did. Those of us who support the Republican primary’s underdog, Mike Huckabee, can learn a lot about achieving victory in … Continue reading Against All Odds: Can Huck win Super Tuesday?