Springtime Gardening

Last Thursday was the first day of spring, which just happens to be my favorite season of the year. It’s a time of new birth and new beginnings. One of my greatest frustrations when we lived in Maryland was that spring came so late in the year compared to Texas. I’m looking outside right now at a bush that has burst into bloom. The Bradford Pear trees have already flowered and are covered with beautiful leaves. The dead grass is daily being replaced with new growth. This is the time of year when my nose runs and my soul soars, … Continue reading Springtime Gardening

Huckabee Calls for a Texas Debate

Governor Mike Huckabee is creeping up on Senator John McCain in the polls!! The momentum is his for the taking. He has challenged Senator McCain to a debate prior to the March 4th primary, and 10,000 voters have signed their name to his petition. What about it, Senator McCain? Can we please have a coherent conversation between the two of you about the issues? If you’d like to see a debate between McCain and Huckabee, sign the letter here. Debating is a form of persuasion that has been around a very long time. One of the strongest Biblical debaters was … Continue reading Huckabee Calls for a Texas Debate

Why Texans Love Huckabee

Yup, Huckabee can win Texas. Texans don’t much like other folks telling them who to vote for. In 1976, when the Republican elite were pushing Gerald Ford, guess who won Texas? Nope, it wasn’t Ford. An unknown underdog named Ronald Reagan swept Texas clean…and then, four years later, he swept the nation clean. Don’t count out the power of miracles. As Mike Huckabee says, he “majored in miracles,” not math. It’s true that he cannot mathematically get enough delegates to win the nomination outright….but…and it’s a huge but…Huckabee can stop McCain in his tracks, forcing a brokered convention. Then he’ll … Continue reading Why Texans Love Huckabee