A hot cast iron skillet leaves a burn behind when it’s inadvertently touched, and the person who did the touching involuntarily jerks back the burned hand…and the brain remembers: touching hot pans brings on pain.  A lesson is learned.  But wounds are not always physical.  Some of the harshest pain is emotional.  When a person lashes out at another through words and deeds, the resulting scars are borne for a lifetime.  Every instance of emotional and verbal abuse leaves behind a heart that becomes less and less willing to fully trust, to engage, to live.  Sooner or later, even though … Continue reading Words

Hold Thy Tongue

The tongue can bring death or life; those who love to talk will reap the consequences. -Proverbs 21:18 Whoa! Those who know me well know that I am someone who LOVES to talk! It’s no wonder that my daughter said her first word at 9 months old and hasn’t stopped talking since; she’s got my genes. But with lots of talk also comes lots of foolishness. Sometimes foolishness leads to gossip, and gossip leads to slander, and then before we know it or words have caused someone else to die inside. Has it happened to you? Has someone said something … Continue reading Hold Thy Tongue

The Logos in Me

I’ve been thinking a lot today about words. From my previous posts, it’s probably apparent that I could be the star of the new PBS kids show entitled “Word Girl.” One of my favorite college courses was “The History of the English Language,” if that tells you anything! I’ve been reading Randy Alcorn’s book, Safely Home, which is a fictional account of a businessman who gets up close and personal with Chinese persecution of Christians. I became intrigued when one of the main characters explains a theory that the Chinese written language has its origin in the Biblical account of … Continue reading The Logos in Me