Dogs days are up and now back down

The new medicine has made my old dog somewhat more comfortable, but it is not a “cure-all.”  He didn’t even try to get on the couch last night.  And I’ve cleaned up two messes already today, so obviously it hasn’t helped with that end of him.

The vet said that if it’s going to help him regain control, it will within two weeks of beginning treatment.

Can I last that long?  I seriously wanted to drop kick him into next week when I was in the middle of cleaning up our breakfast messes and saw that my little canine shadow was following me every step of the way, daintily avoiding stepping in the stuff he’d just dropped all over the floor.  You gotta know it’s not like it’s just one “pile.”  He doesn’t know he’s doing it, so it just drops down all over the place.

Homeschool had to get pushed back a few minutes while I picked up, scrubbed, and then bleached the floor.

When all this is over, this germ-a-phobe wants to have those crime scene  cleaner-uppers come in and do their stuff on my tiles and especially the grout.  Ugh!

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