Exodus 30-32: The Golden Calf and other sins

Leave the people alone for just one second, and look at what they do!  These same people who walked on the floor of the Red Sea with walls of water beside them, following a pillar of cloud and fire, decided to melt their gold and build a calf to worship.

But I can’t sit here and shake my finger at them.  I sin, too.

Today was one of those days in which I wish I could have a do-over.  Everything I touched seemed to turn to ashes.  My busyness and juggling mind led me to leave chocolate within reach of the dog not just once today…but twice!  Two times today I have taken her outside and induced vomiting, but I didn’t hang around each time to see if the hydrogen peroxide worked.  Gross.  I think the little sneak jumped on the kitchen table — the drink knocked over on its side is the circumstantial evidence!

I can’t write anymore tonight.  What I had to say wouldn’t be uplifting or encouraging.  But one thought is nagging me greatly…is my directorship of a homeschool group becoming, in a way, like a golden calf?

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