Leviticus 14-16:Continued provision

I didn’t realize that the Lord provided instructions for mold and mildew remediation in houses!  I worked at a school a long time ago whose outer walls were contaminated with black mold — the very bad stuff.  It oozed out of walls when we tacked anything up on them and made the whole classroom smell moldy.  The district had to hire a firm to come in and remove the walls that were contaminated — very similar to what the priests had to do when the people’s homes were overrun with mold and mildew….only without the spacesuits and plastic bubble.

Short post today.

First, good news.  That fibroid that was detected at my last sonogram?  GONE!  Woo-hoo!  All praises to the Lord, who heals our diseases!!  The sono tech said the fibroid last summer must have been a shadow.  But I know better.  I didn’t want a fibroid.  I asked the Lord to heal me, and He did!!

Second, bad news.  The doctor wants to do a laparotomy to see what is causing my severe pain or else do a hysterectomy.  (yikes!  I’m only 38 — time for a new doctor?  Time for some more healing to eliminate my pain!)

Third, hello premenopause.  My problems are most likely related to early menopause.  (That’s my mom’s diagnosis of me, anyway!)  I have to give out more blood to find out where my hormone levels are.  We know they are out of whack.  But this might indicate how far along I am on the premenopause road.

I am believing God for healing and am reading up on some foods I can eat that may help my hormones get back on track…and I’m thanking Him for his provision in those things that are big (such as the now non-existant fibroid) and small.

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