Numbers 1-2: Awesome Crowd Control

There were over 108,000 people at the new Dallas Cowboys stadium during the recent All-Star Basketball festivities.  The view of all those people is staggering, yet it is only 1/6 of the number of MEN of Israel who were following the Lord to the Promised Land.  Each of those men aged twenty or older likely had at least one wife, if not more, and multiple children.

The Lord had Moses meet with the leaders of each clan, and then he had them set up their tents in specific places.  How on earth did he manage to do that?  How did he make himself heard?  I’m thinking the Lord must have supernaturally given him a booming voice because I doubt they had microphones back then!  I had a difficult enough time getting my voice heard in a classroom full of antsy six year olds.  I cannot imagine how six hundred thousand men and their families were able to organize themselves on such a massive scale, right down to the places where their tents were pitched.

Amazing crowd control!

The next time I think I have a problem too big to solve, I will try to remember that the same Lord who commanded order in the desert among the huge crowd commands order in my own life.  My day-to-day problems do not come close in number to the numbers of people the Lord managed to organize out in the desert.  My worries are chump change in comparison, yet I know that He carries them for me.

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