Numbers 23-25

A talking donkey.  A prophet who was called by a king to curse Israel but could only bless them — not once, but three times.  More sinning — sexual immorality and idol worship.  Another plague, and a daring rescue by a quick-thinking man who killed the blatant sinner who set out to frolic with a foreign woman in the sight of everyone so that the Lord would stop the plague from spreading even more.

I have no idea how to apply this reading to my life except to, once again, see the great power and majesty of the Lord.  Baalam’s third blessing contained a prophesy that foreshadowed Christ, in Numbers 24:17:

17 I see him, but not here and now.
I perceive him, but far in the distant future.
A star will rise from Jacob;
a scepter will emerge from Israel.

Absolutely amazing.

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