Numbers 31-32: Refusing the Promise?

Aside from the brutal battle between the Israelites and the Midianites, I am most struck tonight by the decision of two of the tribes, Gad and Reuban, to claim land east of the Jordan instead of over inside the actual Promised Land.

They promised to fight with all the rest of Israel, but they wanted to build towns and have their families live just on the other side of the land flowing with milk and honey.  They looked around them, and what they saw was “good enough.”

How many times do we do that with the Promised Land God has given us through Christ?  How many chains do we still voluntarily wrap around our ankles, thinking that our semi-free state is “good enough?”

Jesus said he came to set the prisoners free.  Why, then, do I remain a sometime-prisoner of anxiety?  I need to pray about this revelation.  Is my defeated attitude about anxiety really an attitude of “good enough?”  I can see the freedom and the liberty that Jesus provides, and I accept it wholeheartedly, yet a place inside my mind stands aside the Jordan River and says that these panic attacks will be with me for as long as I walk this earth. This voice tells me that if I just stand outside the circle of complete trust, I will experience an adequate peace.

Perhaps it will be enough to stand at a distance and gaze upon the Lord Jesus.

But for now, my soul cries out for more.  I want to experience real liberty in Christ — I want to be so completely in love with Him that everything else fades away.  He came so we would have life, and have it abundantly…not merely ‘good enough.’

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