Deuteronomy 17-20: Practicality

Of all the words used to describe the Lord, “practical” isn’t one that immediately comes to mind.  Yet, the Bible is full of very practical, useful commands.  Isn’t the one who issues practical commands practical Himself?

19 “When you are attacking a town and the war drags on, you must not cut down the trees with your axes. You may eat the fruit, but do not cut down the trees. Are the trees your enemies, that you should attack them? 20 You may only cut down trees that you know are not valuable for food. Use them to make the equipment you need to attack the enemy town until it falls.

A raging army that destroyed all the trees and vegetation out of sheer meanness would end up starving themselves in the process.  There is a measure of restraint in those verses that I think applies to every battle we face in our lives.

My words are sometimes like arrows — when I get angry and frustrated, sometimes they fly every which way and wound everyone in sight.  The awful things about wounds caused by words is that words can’t be taken back.  How many times will my family actually forgive me when I fly off the handle about silly things?  It is not practical to deal with problems by indiscriminately blowing up in a tempest.  What purpose does it solve?  Does it make me feel better to have a mommy meltdown?  No.  Actually, mommy meltdowns make me feel worse than ever as I wallow in grief over my sinful self.

I am so grateful the the Lord’s grace keeps on washing over me.  I need his forgiveness daily, and I need his grace to help cover over my mommy meltdowns.  Thank goodness, he who started a good work in me WILL finish it to completion, because I am definitely not finished yet!

I pray that the next time I feel a meltdown coming on, the Lord will open my eyes to an out…to a place I can go, even if only in my mind, that will refresh me with His spirit and fill the empty spaces within.

26But the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.” John 14

The amazing gift of the Holy Spirit to guide, counsel, and remind us is one of the most precious, and indeed practical, gifts that the Lord could have ever given us.

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