Ruth: How one woman’s loyalty led to royalty

This is one of my favorite books of the Bible.  There is no murder or rape or idol worship.  It is a story of loyalty and tender mercies.  The way Boaz takes care of Ruth is a picture of the way the Lord takes care of us.

When she was poor…he not only allowed her to gather the leftover grain, but he also instructed his workers to let her even have some of the grain set aside for his household.

When she was vulnerable, he provided his protection by having her stay close to the women.

When she needed a husband, he stepped forward and honored his relative’s family.

Out of their union came Obed…and from Obed came Jesse, who was the father of David…the ancestor of our ultimate King Jesus.

I am in awe over how the Lord used one woman’s act of loyalty to impact ME (and YOU), thousands and thousands of years later!  It makes me wonder about my own actions.  How will they impact the lives of those who come after me?

I pray the Lord will hold me strong.  I pray I will not be a lukewarm Christian.  I want to be follow Jesus the way Ruth followed the Lord by following Naomi.  That means my cup will be bitter as I traverse a road that presses and proceed through a narrow gate.  Like Ruth, though, I can lay myself down at the feet of Jesus and know that He has me under his protection.  He has bought my fields and my life with his own.

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