1 Samuel 9-12: From Meager Beginnings

The Lord chose a very tall man from the smallest tribe to be Israel’s first king — Saul.  I’ve been pondering the way Saul became changed into a different person when “the spirit of the Lord” came upon him.  It was as if he became changed from the inside out!

The Holy Spirit came upon Christians at Pentecost, and He is given as a gift to us today.  It is by His power that we are transformed.

Let me tell you, that word “transformed” must be in the progressive tense because it has not yet been accomplished in my life!  But it will.  And that gives me hope.

Today my husband took me through all the pictures they took in Rome.  The views were breathtaking.  I also got an earful from my daughter about some of the things that “went wrong” that would not have if only I had been there.  It causes tension when other family members “take over” the care of your child.  I’ve spent the day alternating in awe of what they experienced and kicking myself in the gut for being such a weakling.  And yet, hearing about the five course meals and the crowds makes me a little glad that I did NOT go.  I can see that my chest pain would have been a problem if I had to sit at a dinner table out in public for hours on end, being told that it is insulting to the chef if you eat less than half your food, fighting anxiety over the anxiety!  Ack!

Today I kept hugging them both every chance I got.  It felt wonderful to refill my “love tank.”  It’s also wonderful to see that the Lord brings great results out of meager people like Saul.  I pray he will somehow enable me to be the wife and mother my family needs, today.

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