1 Samuel 28-31; Psalm 18: Mighty Fortress

The Lord protected David from all sides…and Saul continued to spiral lower and lower into a pit, resorting to consulting a spirit medium when he found the Lord would not answer his questions.

Saul and his sons died in a fierce battle with the Philistines…

And David wrote a beautiful psalm thanking the Lord for his protection and deliverance from Saul.  Look at this imagery:

2You are my mighty rock, [a] my fortress, my protector,

the rock where I am safe,

Only you are a mighty rock. [c] 32You give me strength

and guide me right.

46You are the living LORD!

I will praise you.

You are a mighty rock. [d] I will honor you

for keeping me safe.

A quick look at the verbs David used to describe the Lord’s actions reveals a very hands-0n approach that God took with David — on David’s behalf, the Lord:

rescued, heard, answered, breathed out smoke, opened the heavens, thundered, scattered, roared, lifted, rescued, defended, freed, rescued, loved, reward, rescue, keep, defeat, help, teach, support, clear the way, rescued, took revenge, protected, and loved.

Wow!  Now those are some powerful words describing our all-powerful, mighty God.  I need to write these words on my heart so I will remember them in times of darkness and of trouble.  Our God IS a God who SAVES!!

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