1 Chronicles 6: Rambling Again

Getting through the book of Chronicles is not going to be easy.  My head swims with all the “sons of.”  But ancestry must be important to the Lord, so why should there not be a list of who’s who?

I’m reading a novel about King Hezekiah.  The Assyrians were a brutal people, at least as described in this novel, and I am so sad for the people who lived in those days.  The Lord is the Lord of miracles, though, and He did give victory to his people over the Assyrians, if my memory serves me correctly.

I am in the valley of sadness tonight.  No reason…just feeling lonely.  My husband is on a business trip.  You’d think after years and years of marriage I would eventually get used to him being gone so often…but no.  I miss him!

Those are three little words that do nothing to express the restless yearning I have just to be in the same room with him again.  Our daughter is growing wings and flying away to a time when she’d rather be with friends than be with mom.  I remember that phase well, and now I know the bittersweet feeling my mom must have felt.

What do you have for me to do for you, Lord?  I fill my life with busyness, pressing many tasks into my day.  And then when night falls, and I tuck my daughter into bed, I sit and wonder where this life will end.  Am I accomplishing those tasks which are necessary and glorifying to the Lord?  Or do I stay busy so I don’t have to think?

Enough rambling for tonight.  God, you know my heart, and You are my portion.  Perhaps all this loneliness is an indication that I need to go deeper with You, in prayer and in devotion…

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