1 Chronicles 7-10: The Gatekeeper

Among all the records of the Israelite genealogy was a long list of over 200 men whose jobs were to serve as gatekeepers.  When I think of a gatekeeper, I remember the classic scene from The Princess Bride:

However, these gatekeepers did not turn and run when faced with a threat.  They didn’t protect a mere castle: their job was to safeguard the Tabernacle and its furniture, the oil and flour and all things necessary for its upkeep.  Some people were in charge of counting the number of loaves of bread that went in and that came out.  Everything was taken care of with remarkable attention to detail.

Who is the Gatekeeper of my life?  The Lord is my strength and my portion…but He is also my gatekeeper.  He keeps me from harm’s way.  He throws obstacles in my path when I make a wrong turn.  He holds my hand and guides me when I stop long enough to pay attention.  One thing is for sure: unlike the cowardly gatekeeper in The Princess Bride, the Lord will never give up the key to my life in Him.  He is always faithful…and if I stray, he pursues me like a shepherd runs after lost sheep.

I’m not just writing platitudes.  There are specific instances in my life when I have stepped off the path, and He set in motion events that brought me back to Him.  He rescued me from a potentially abusive relationship and opened my eyes to the situation as it was and not as I wanted it to be.   He is my ultimate gatekeeper.  Now if I could only let Him unlock me from the chains I keep wrapping around myself!

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