2 Samuel 5:1-10; 1Chronicles 11-12: The Mighty Ones

I don’t remember learning about the mighty men who helped David in his quest for the kingship.  But I read about them today.  There were three very special men — the Bible calls them The Three — and then there were several others who were especially skilled in soldiering.

It’s inspiring to read these words of old and see the hand of God so vividly.  God often shapes our lives through the “mighty ones” he sends to help us achieve the goals He has for us.

Who are your “mighty ones?”

I’ve had different Mighties throughout my life.  We have moved around so often…but when I look back, I can name the people he placed in my path to encourage me and help me grow.

Tonight I am thankful for them. I am thankful for the Lord bringing us together in friendship and mentorship.  Even though my battles are (thankfully) not fought with bows, arrows, stones and slingshots, they are battles nonetheless.  And my Mighties have been right there, supporting me in prayer, in words, and in deeds.

Am I a Mighty to someone else?  I certainly hope and pray so.  I want to be an instrument for the Lord to show love and compassion.  I pray He will help me be MORE than I can be not to just achieve the goals He set for me, but also so that His glory can be revealed in me and in the lives of those around me.

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