A Gracious Detour

2Samuel 7; 1 Chronicles 17

Both of these passages are nearly identical, and they illustrate a time when a man, King David, had a thought of something great he could do for God…but God told him that he had other plans.  Rather than get offended, David was honored.  He shows us how we can navigate those times when we suddenly realize that the path we *thought* was right is actually not the one the Lord has chosen for us.

David was decked out in his new palace made of cedar when it occurred to him that the Lord’s dwelling place (the ark) was still in a tent.  He thought the least he could do for His Lord would be to build a solid structure.  The Lord, though, had other plans.  He didn’t want David to build him a building — that was a job He already had planned for one of David’s future sons to do.

It makes me wonder what paths I take that seem to be the way the Lord wants me to go but maybe are more the way I think God wants me to go.  Who can know the mind of God?  The word of the Lord came to the prophet Nathan, who then relayed the message to David.  I don’t have a Nathan — but I do have the Bible.  If I seek out its truths and hidden wisdom, praying for the Lord to show me HIS way, then I will find it.  The problem happens when I’m barreling along through life going 100mph.  How can I actually pay attention to what God is saying when I’m moving so fast I can’t even see the road signs?

My prayer tonight is that we will all slow down a bit and really and truly listen.   There is a song by Mercy Me that comes to mind.  Enjoy…and take some time to listen — taking a gracious detour when necessary:

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