No Impossibilities Allowed

2 Samuel 8-9; 1 Chronicles 18

These two passages are almost identical, and they tell of more of David’s victories over the surrounding kingdoms.  The Lord gave David victory everywhere he went.

Then chapter 9 of 2 Samuel records David’s act of kindness towards his friend Jonathan’s son, Mephibosheth, who was crippled in both feet.  Because of his loyalty to his old friend Jonathan, he found out that one of his sons was still alive, although crippled.  David brought him to Jerusalem and let him live and eat with him.

Some men would have been threatened — kings have been known to have possible challengers to their throne killed.  But not David.

There are times in my life that I do feel threatened…mostly by self-inflicted fears.  Lately the threat is coming from my own body in the form of pain.  I’ve been agonizing over the decision of whether or not to have surgery that could (but not certain) alleviate some of the pain…

and today I felt a peace — at least for now — to wait and see.  We sang a beautiful song in church today.  I wish I could remember the words in their entirety, but the gist of one of those songs is that with the LORD of Heaven on our side, who can stand against us?  No one and nothing.  Not pain.  Not suffering.  Not death.  Not people.  We can withstand anything so long as we have the Lord at our side.  I thought about that a little today on this most precious of days, Mother’s Day.

Today my own mother went to visit her brother’s wife who was just recently diagnosed with a very aggressive form of leukemia.  Her ordeal puts my piddly pain to shame, and I lift my prayers up for my Aunt J.  I pray the power and might of the Lord will come upon her and will heal her battered body…I pray He will put the pieces of her heart back together.  I know he’s a God of miracles.  I also know that He has dominion over everything on earth and in heaven — including over those leukemia cells invading her body.  She is a believer, and I believe that her faith will be strengthened.  She will meet the Lord face to face through this experience.  I pray she will be so filled with Jesus that her disease just melts away into nothing.

Like David’s battles were won by the power of the Lord, our battles are won with the power and might of His Son, Jesus.  Lord, would you come and heal her now?  Nothing is impossible for you!

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