Wanting to be like Judah

1 Kings 15-16; 2 Chronicles 17

These two readings showcase the stark difference between the kings of Judah and the kings of Israel.  Those of Judah chose to follow the Lord and were rewarded with peace and prosperity.  Those of Israel were each worse than any king who had gone before.  As a consequence, they were murdered, had very short reigns, and were at war all the time.

This reminds me of an earlier verse I read when the people of Israel were given a choice: to follow the Lord and receive blessings to a thousand generations, or to turn their backs on the Lord and receive curses.

We have that same choice today.  Where are you in your walk?  Are you like the people of Judah, delighting yourself in the Lord?  Or are you more like Israel, chasing after idols you set up for yourself?

Today was a good day…one of those days when I was able to bless the Lord even as I folded fourteen thousand shirts, shorts, towels, and underwear.  My husband is back home.  My daughter requested a new Bible.  She read my mother’s Bible a couple weeks back when she went to visit and fell in love with the KJV’s poetic language.  Browsing the bookstore with her made me happy.  Buying her a Bible and watching her read it was icing on the cake.

I don’t think I chased after any idols today.  I pray the Lord will search my heart and show me the areas where I need to confess and repent.  I thank Him for giving me a good day and for bringing my husband home safely.  It has been good to be like Judah…one day at a time.

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