Fortifying the walls

2 Kings 14; 2 Chronicles 25

The war between Israel and Judah continued through my reading tonight.  The King of Judah became arrogant and challenged the King of Israel to a fight…the King of Israel warned him as did a prophet sent by the Lord, but Judah did not listen.

Tonight I feel as if I’m fighting fires all over the place.  The walls around my house seem to be crumbling much like those of Jerusalem in today’s reading.  I have two specific prayer needs:

First, my husband’s grandmother, who is 96, fell out of her bed last night and likely broke her arm.  We have to make some difficult choices about where she needs to live…find out if her insurance will pay for live-in care…and we have to orchestrate this over an 800 mile chasm.  The Lord is her advocate in this situation…and we appeal to Him to help us make the choices that honor Him and still respect her wishes for independence.

Second, my daughter has had two significant nosebleeds today.  The last one was so severe that I almost took her to the ER.  It seemed to be copious amounts of blood and included some clots.  So we’ll be making a trip to the doctor tomorrow to make sure everything is okay, and we are relying on the Lord to keep her bleeding at bay through the night.

Thanks for your prayers…that the Lord will fortify the wall of protection around us.

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