Holding on

Isaiah 13-17

In love a throne will be established;
in faithfulness a man will sit on it—
one from the house [a] of David—
one who in judging seeks justice
and speeds the cause of righteousness.

Over and over again, Isaiah prophesied about the coming of Jesus….about four hundred years into the future.  What might life have been like for those who did listen to Isaiah and follow the Lord?  They were expectant…yet they did not live to see the prophesy fulfilled.

Today I am thinking about other prophesies that some of us don’t live to see fulfilled…or maybe we will.  The ones about the end of times…the sun turning dark, nation rising up against nation, wars, earthquakes, and other various signs and wonders.

And this one: by his stripes we are healed.

Today I learned first-hand the importance of staying on top of your own medical history.  Since October, I have been seeing an oncologist due to some weird blood work.  In December, I thought I understood the doctor to say that all was well with my blood work and that they would just continue to monitor me.

Imagine my surprise (and dismay) when the nurse told me today that my IgM numbers have been elevated ever since October.  When I learned this news, I was at a classical education conference.  My dear friends surrounded me, laid hands on me, and prayed for me.  What a blessing it was to have their support!

Part of me feels like this is happening to someone else.

Elevated IgM numbers are found in people who have a form of lymphoma (cancer) called Waldenstrom’s Macroglobulinemia.  I have not been diagnosed with this disease; all I know at this point is that I have a history of elevated IgM antibodies and an appointment with the oncologist the last week of this month.

I am trying very hard to renew my mind in Christ…to focus on His healing power and the promises given to us through the Scriptures:

Lord, you are holy.  You are awesome in power and in majesty.  You set the stars in their places.  You created this earth we live on, and it is by Your hand that we live and move and breathe.  Everything that is good in me is from You.  Lord, I know that you are not surprised with this information about my blood.  You are very interested in blood, having sent your Son to atone for the sins of the world through HIS blood.  I put myself at your mercy, Father.  I depend on You for healing of my body, for restoration of all that needs restoring.  You are the beginning and the end…You know my heart, my thoughts, my actions.  Nothing about me is hidden from You.  Lord, would you please infuse peace through my soul?  Use me for Your glory, Father, however that may be, and may YOUR will be done, Lord, on earth, just as it is in heaven.  I also ask that you help me hold on to my faith…hold on to me, Lord…don’t let me go!


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