Where wisdom flows

Hosea 8-14 (again) and Isaiah 28-30

I need to do these earlier in the day!

Words of wisdom wound their way through today (and yesterday’s) readings…more on wisdom and knowledge.  You think those are important to the Lord?

All this (see Isaiah 28 — the care and the workings of a garden and of food for a family to eat) also comes from the Lord Almighty, wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom.”‘

Yes, the Lord IS wonderful in counsel and magnificent in wisdom.  He is the one who created the wheat plants which produce the wheat berries that are used to create flour…and the apple trees, and the places where cinnamon is found, and the ultimate source of pure cane sugar…hmm.  Kind of reminds me of apple pie!  The point is that he is the source…and wisdom flows from Him.

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