Isaiah 64-66

The only thing about the Bible reading plan is that I don’t really get the chance to “camp out” in a particular chapter of the Bible.  I could re-read portions and then still the next day’s reading…but it doesn’t leave me very much room to explore.  That’s okay for this season in my life: it is taking a great deal of discipline for me to read and blog every day.  My husband has been fabulous in encouraging me on those days when I really feel too weary to read or write…he is helping me stay accountable.

I am struck by the new heaven and the new earth that the Lord is going to create as described in chapters 65 and 66 of Isaiah.  Is this something separate from heaven?  Or is it heaven coming down to earth?  I’m not sure.  But it definitely sounds like a place where I want to be!

19I will celebrate with Jerusalem

and all of its people;

there will be no more crying

or sorrow in that city.

20No child will die in infancy;

everyone will live

to a ripe old age.

Anyone a hundred years old

will be considered young,

and to die younger than that

will be considered a curse.

My chosen people will live

to be as old as trees,

and they will enjoy

what they have earned.

23Their work won’t be wasted,

and their children won’t die

of dreadful diseases. [f] I will bless their children

and their grandchildren.

24I will answer their prayers

before they finish praying.

Can you imagine having your prayers answered before you even finished praying?  The Lord knows there are many prayers on my heart tonight.  I’ve been in a bad mood all day due to a headache and other various aches and pains that have no rhyme or reason except perhaps to exasperate me.  Tonight I made lasagna from scratch despite feeling yucky; somehow it was important to me that I do something for my family, and I am thankful that the Lord carried me through.  However, I am sorry I focused so much on the pain and less on my family today.  Sigh.

Now I have something new to think about…just what that new heaven and earth will look like!

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