Mighty in prophesy


Woe to Ninevah!  That’s the topic of the book of Nahum.  It’s a warning to the King of Assyria.  I had to look that up…I didn’t realize that Sennacherib’s seat of government was Ninevah in his Assyrian Kingdom.

Nahum’s prophesy of scarlet-wearing soldiers descending on Ninevah came true when a united Babylonian and Midian army stormed the city for about three months before the city fell.  Archeologists have uncovered the remains of some of those who tried to defend Ninevah from the attackers.

This all makes me wonder about the gift of prophesy…so many biblical prophesies have come true, and there a good deal more that have been yet fulfilled.  The fact that any of them came true is, to me, evidence that they ALL will eventually come true.  Even the end times.

The Lord was displeased at the audacity of the Assyrians…those who dared to taunt His people and compare Him to the worthless, man-made gods.  He showed them just how powerful and mighty He was.

And still is.

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