Mommy Timeout

I really wish I could have one day without pain in some shape or form.  Most of the time it is simply inconvenient and hovers on the back burner of my mind.  But last night I had the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad pain (a la the children’s book character, Alexander) that kept me awake and has rendered me exhausted this afternoon.  Top off that exhaustion with pain on an ovary, continued lower back pain, a headache, and a giant balloon in my stomach, and you get a very cranky woman.

Yes, the laundry is overflowing.  Yes, everything is pulled out from under my husband’s sink and needs to be put away.  Yes, there are dirty dishes in the sink. Yes, my school room is STILL in a state of flux with books all over the floor and table.  It’s driving me crazy, but I just can’t do it.  Laundry? It hurts to bend over.  Stuff from under the sink?  Ditto.  Dirty dishes?  I care, but not enough to break out of this pity party and do something about it.  School room?  I am on the verge of quitting everything.

But I won’t.  Hopefully a nap will improve my disposition and the pain.  The Lord gave me those jobs to do and will give me what I need to get them done.  Just not right this minute.

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