It’s a beautiful day

Lamentations 1 – 3:36

My husband’s grandmother is now dancing with the Lord.  I’m in the midst of planning a whirlwind trip to Alabama, so my posts will be very brief or non-existant over the next few days…I will continue to READ the Bible on my plan, but my blogs will be short and maybe every other day or so.

So, in light of today’s loss, it is fitting that the reading plan called for a dip in Lamentations!  Lamentations 1 and 2 personify Jerusalem and talk about her destruction, but then Lamentations 3 seems to be coming from the prophet’s mouth.  If I were to sit down and put words to the way I feel when I am trapped by anxiety, I could not write them better than these:

5 He has besieged and surrounded me
with anguish and distress.
6 He has buried me in a dark place,
like those long dead.

7 He has walled me in, and I cannot escape.
He has bound me in heavy chains.
8 And though I cry and shout,
he has shut out my prayers.
9 He has blocked my way with a high stone wall;
he has made my road crooked.

But then take a look at these hopeful words, later in the same chapter:

0 I will never forget this awful time,
as I grieve over my loss.
21 Yet I still dare to hope
when I remember this:

22 The faithful love of the Lord never ends![b]
His mercies never cease.
23 Great is his faithfulness;
his mercies begin afresh each morning.
24 I say to myself, “The Lord is my inheritance;
therefore, I will hope in him!”

25 The Lord is good to those who depend on him,
to those who search for him.
26 So it is good to wait quietly
for salvation from the Lord.

It is good to wait quietly for salvation from the Lord…

Anxiety hovers over my back tonight threatening to pierce me with cruel talons.  I experienced a dreadful bout of carsickness the last time I made the long trip to Alabama. My back pain is not yet healed, and the mere thought of a long car ride makes me cringe.  Yet…the Lord will be with me.  I know that like I know my own name.  His mercies are indeed new every morning.

Which reminds me of a story I just have to share with you.  While she was staying at my MIL’s house, NaNa greeted every morning with these words:

It’s a beautiful day!

She said this whether it was raining or scorching hot or swarming with mosquitoes…and she meant every word. Despite being in pain with five broken bones and being weakened with a heart that was running out of batteries, she saw the beauty in each morning. Every day the Lord gives us is a beautiful day…I want to make this my new personal motto no matter what circumstances may be.

It IS a beautiful day, indeed.

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