Lamentations 3:37 – 5

We made it! God is so good to us. Here in Gulfport MS, it seems that all the tourists have skipped out or are in school. That is fine with us because it means more beach for us! Even though I am sad about NaNa’s death, I do owe it to her for bringing us back to the beach. I feel so much closer to God here…not sure why, but loving it all the same. Please pray that the ME will release her for burial tonight. The family needs some closure.

Lamentations 4 is an acrostic poem, and that fact is overlooked when you are just reading it in English. If I were to write one, it would have 26 verses. I would try one but typing on this tiny keyboard is so awkward!

Jeremiah expresses how he felt when they chunked him in the well. The book of Jeremiah just told us about the fact, but Lamentations shows us how Jeremiah cried out to the Lord.

Gotta go. I still feel like I am moving in the car. Yuck. But it is a beautiful night!

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  1. First, so sorry about your husband’s grandma. I just buried mine too, I know it’s hard even when it’s expected.

    Second, have you tried Dramamine? I heard it really helps with the carsickness.

    Enjoy the beach. So jealous! đŸ™‚

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