Building character

Ezekiel 5-8

The Lord gave the Israelites plenty of warnings about their need to turn from their idolatry. In Ezekiel 8, we read how the spirit of the Lord picked him up by the hair and took him to the temple…there he was able to see the hinges the leaders were doing in secret.

That is a great reminder that the Lord sees everything, and he hears every thing we say as well as everything we think. What do we do then when we feel we are held captive by thoughts that aren’t godly? Maybe we get angry and say a cuss word either out loud or in our heads when someone cuts us off on the road….God hears what was said and what was unsaid.

We take every thought captive to Christ. I’m not sure what that means in real life. For me, it means quoting scripture when fear and anxiety threatens to pummel me. It means refusing to allow negative thoughts to take root in my thought vocabulary. For me today, it means measuring my words before I say them and renewing those thoughts that are contrary to the way of Christ.

I’m sad today. My daughter has been disappointed beyond belief that our family mini vacation was uprooted due to the death in the family. We tried to make lemonade by getting a condo on the beach, but every time we go outside we get hit by a thunderstorm. It’s like putting a giant chocolate cake in front of a chocoholic and then telling her she can look at it but not eat it. So we’ve had tears and some character building moments….for both of us.

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