Praising through the pain

Daniel 10-12

So many of Daniel’s visions have elements that seem to be reflected in Revelation and also in the words of Jesus.  In a future time, a king from the north will set himself up over the world, and there will be great persecution for those who continue to follow the Lord rather than this king.

I can’t even begin to understand these words.  Perhaps one day the Holy Spirit will show me what I need to know from these pages…for now, I know that God is Sovereign.   I know that Daniel was precious to Him, and I know that I am also precious to Him.

Today I also know that my prayer for healing hasn’t worked in the way I hoped it would.  I’ve been down for the count most of today…however, the pain I have had hasn’t been excruciating as it has been the past year or so.  I haven’t been restless with the pain…but pain and extreme fatigue are still present, especially pain in my lower back.

The other day I wrote that the Lord opens and closes doors.  I have to trust him on this one.  I know that I WANT a miraculous, complete healing. But I also know that what I want and what the Lord wants for me are not necessarily the same thing.  I am encouraged by the fact that the pain doesn’t seem to be as bad and discouraged that it has been bad enough to warrant a stint in bed with the heating pad.  I definitely felt warmth and even movement inside when those nurses prayed over me.  That was not in my imagination.  So, I am caught between praise and pain.  Guess I’ll have to just keep praising Him through the pain, because my complete healing will come!

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