Nehemiah 1-5

Weary.  That’s how the Israelites must have felt as they labored to rebuild the wall around Jerusalem.  Nehemiah, the King’s cupbearer, received permission to return and begin construction.  However, enemies threatened from all sides.  So, Nehemiah instructed the workers to use one hand on the work while keeping a weapon at the ready in the other hand.  God was gracious in his protection, and the people divided the labor and worked together to get that wall built.

Weary is my state of being this night.  Despite my prayer last night for rest, I did not get much. Anxiety-fueled stomach pain woke me up from sleep and kept me awake most of the night.  But today I do feel a sense of calm.  All will be okay.  God is in control…not me.

If nothing else, He’s teaching me to roll with the punches, right?

Sleep well, friends.

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