To touch His robe

Matthew 8:14-34, Mark 4-4

Again I came to the account of the woman who suffered from bleeding receiving healing from touching Jesus’ robe. What an appropriate story for today of all days. I woke to unbelievable pain at 1:30 this morning and am still praying for it to get better. Just one word from Jesus and I KNOW it would be so!

The pain is so severe I am nauseous. I might as well get the surgery and may even consider a hysterectomy if it would eliminate this crushing pain. Knowing that fibromyalgia means my nerves are over sensitive does nothing to make me feel better. In fact I have been a wreck. At times I could do nothing except pray and weep.

Where are you Lord? Why must my bones be turned to dust? When will you either heal me or take me home to you? Please strengthen my faith; don’t let the enemy steal it away.

Would you come close so i may touch your robe?

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