Missing the metaphor

John 6

Jesus fed the multitude.  People back then were just as fond of free food as we are today!  (Just look at the Costco crowd on the weekend taking advantage of all those samples!)  Crowds of people followed him now seeking healing and now physical sustenance.  But Jesus turned their thinking inside out when he told them that HE, his body, was the bread of life.  He compared himself to manna.

Many of those listening to Him completely missed the point.  They were still thinking about their stomachs when He was speaking about how they could “feed” on his spirit!  They completely missed the metaphor because they were offended at his speech.

I wonder how often I miss the metaphor?  Today I talked to my doctor about a possible treatment plan for fibromyalgia that is experimental.  It would require me to go to a clinic in another city for at least a week, is not covered by insurance, and isn’t cheap.  However, it is a drug-FREE treatment using electrical pulses, and the doctors have had success in helping fibromyalgia patients receive healing in this way.  I like it because it does not mask symptoms but instead seeks to cure them.  The down side is that I can’t get in for a visit until the last part of November.

The other down side is that if this treatment doesn’t work, my doctor wants me to begin taking an anti-depressant drug that is approved for use with fibro patients.  Ugh.  That is the last road I want to travel.  I’m still holding out on that little word, “yet.”


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