An ounce of wisdom

Matthew 22-24; Luke 20-21; Mark 12-13

Wow!  I’m home again..but the hour is very late, so this blog must be brief.

I tried to blog from my phone and also from the hotel’s business center last week, but those words are floating somewhere in cyberspace, lost forever.  I’m not sure what happened.  But no matter…I’m back, and I’ve read all the readings!

What strikes me about these passages is how very WISE our Lord Jesus is.  Over and over again those who refused to believe kept trying to trap him into saying something that would be a punishable offense.  But he so successfully turned their questions around that the Bible says they stopped asking him questions.

What we (I) need to remember is that the Lord Jesus is just as wise today as he was when he told those who tried to trap him into saying something negative about taxes to tell him the name and picture on the Roman coin; then he said to give the government what it was owed, and to give to God what we owe.  Snap!  Jesus neatly turned them on their thought processes, and the jaws of their trap clamped down on thin air.

I pray the Lord will give me even just an ounce of wisdom as I go about my day tomorrow…first day back after a week off at the pain clinic!

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