No need to fret

Acts 11-12

God is sovereign in all things.  Just think about Peter.  There he was, guarded by sixteen soldiers, sleeping in between two soldiers with chains on his feet, on the eve of his scheduled execution.  But God’s plans trumped Herod’s plans.  The Lord sent an angel to free Peter from prison and help him escape.  Why?  It was not his time!

This is a concept that I need to grasp and make my own.  All my struggles against the walls in my life are just me chasing after the wind…useless…because the Lord is sovereign. My anxieties are really not necessary.  They do not, as Jesus once said, add a single hour to my life.  God already knows what is going to happen!  If I really believe that deep down, then can’t I trust Him to orchestrate the details without fretting?

After all, our lives are in His very capable hands.

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